Content Doctors Freelance Writer Application
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: We are looking to grow our team of talented freelance writers. These are independent contractor positions and are perfect for you if you want to earn some extra money. We provide article content for our clients in three lengths: 400 words, 800 words and 1500 words and we expect you to complete a 400 word article in 45 minutes, an 800 word article in an hour and 15 minutes and a 1500 word article in two hours and 15 minutes, including research. We understand if sometimes a little more time is necessary, but these are the target times. Turnaround times are usually within 48 to 72 hours of when you receive your assignment but could be longer depending on the client's schedule.

Please answer the questions below and follow the directions to submit samples of your work for our consideration. If after reviewing your work, we feel you are a good fit, one of our staff will contact you to discuss payment details. We provide content to our clients at an affordable fee, so keep in mind our freelance writer fees reflect that. At the same time, we aim to provide you, the writer, with regular writing projects, so as we ramp up, our best writers can expect to earn around $300 a week and more as we expand our client base.

If you are still reading, looks like we haven't been able to scare you off! So just complete the information below, including following the instructions on getting your samples to us, and we will be in touch. Thank you!
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