Creating Balance 2018 Workshop Proposal Form
Creating Balance in an Unjust World: Conference on STEAMM Education and Social Justice
January 12th-14th, 2018
San Francisco, CA | Mission High School

Please visit the website to see the rubric for how workshop proposals will be evaluated and to see a sample proposal. Note that you may still submit your full proposal by July 1st even if you did not submit a summary. Sessions will be approximately 75 minutes. We look forward to reading about your session. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you for your submission!

Proposal SUMMARY due June 17th, 2017 [Fill out the contact information and answer questions 1 and 2.]
Proposal APPLICATION due Monday July 1st, 2017 [Return to your application and answer questions 3 through 10. With this google form you may edit it after you submit it.]

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1. Session Title
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2. Session Abstract/Summary
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[Numbers 3 through 10 may be answered by July 1, 2017.]
You may still submit your full application by July 1st even without submitting a summary first.
3. Session Theme
Please describe how your session addresses the theme of Decolonizing STEAMM Education. (STEAMM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Making.) Please keep in mind that you may focus on one area. For instance you might focus on decolonizing science education and not necessarily address math, technology, engineering, arts, or making.
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4. Maximum number of participants
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5. Session Outcome and Goals
(What will participants will get out of the session? What are your goals are for the session? You may include goals that go beyond the scope of this conference, ie: create a network of teachers who share lessons and engage in ongoing discussions about teaching STEAMM and social justice.)
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6. Brief Outline/Agenda:
(Please outline the timing and structure of your session, and describe activities participants will engage in.)
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7. Primary Audience
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8. Audio-Visual (A/V) Equipment Desires
(Please note that technology is limited. We will do our best to help provide projectors and speakers. Please supply your own laptop. Apple users should bring their LCD adapters).
9. Will students be involved in the facilitation of the presentation?
(Sessions do not need student facilitation/participation. Answers to “Student Involvement” questions do not factor into the review process. “No” responses do not jeopardize acceptance.)
10. Is the session intended for student participants (in addition to educators, parents, activists, etc.)? How so?
(Sessions do not need student facilitation/participation. Answers to “Student Involvement” questions do not factor into the review process. “No” responses do not jeopardize acceptance.)
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