Parish Pastoral Application Form
The Parish Pastoral Council membership should reflect the diversity within the Parish. The membership objectives are as follows:

A male/female ratio of about 50/50 with,
50% under the age of 50 and 50% over 50 years of age
One member under the age of 30,
And at least 25% single.

Council terms are for two years. A member cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

Qualities to look for in a Parish Pastoral Council Member:

A registered, practicing, confirmed Catholic member of St. Albert the Great at least one year.
A participant in parish life, especially Mass and the Sacraments.
Able to commit to a minimum of eight meetings a year.
A willingness to listen to other’s viewpoints, collaborate and compromise.
The desire to work with the Pastor and other members as a team for the progress of our Parish.

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After reading the Mission Statement, give two examples of what you would recommend our parish to do to meet the guidelines of the statement and how you would implement this. *
Mission Statement: We the people of St. Albert the Great Roman Catholic Parish are called to be A community of believers rooted in the love of God, Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ ,Led by the Holy Spirit And centered in the Eucharist. Through our stewardship of God’s gifts, We welcome all people, Support family life, Engage in life-long faith formation, And reach out to others in need with love and compassion.
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