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Performer: Performers prepare 1-3 pieces of music to perform. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an advanced musician, or if you prefer classical or pop music; as long as you have a desire to better the community through music, we invite you to come perform with us!

Geriatric Support Volunteer: Geriatric support volunteers sit with the seniors and actively engage in meaningful conversations with them, helping to bring joy and assist in maintaining a positive mental health.

Stage Crew / Photographer: The stage crew members are responsible for key tasks such as assisting with equipment set up, escorting residents to and from performance when needed, page turning and photography

Performance MC: Just like every song needs a melody, Every performance needs an MC. Whether it be to improve your own public speaking, or simply to display your mastery of the arts, MCs are a vital part of every performance.

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The Annex Retirement Residence
Address: 123 Spadina Rd

The Annex Retirement Residence is part of the Revera family, one of North America’s leading and most trusted providers of seniors’ accommodation, care and services. Located in one of the most historic and unique neighborhoods in Toronto, the Annex provides a warm and intimate environment for the seniors to enjoy their retirement living.

Audience: Seniors

Provided: Piano, Music Stand. Microphones/ mic-stands (4), and speaker-amp system are available per request

The Princess Margaret Lodge
Address: 545 Jarvis Street

The Princess Margaret Hospital Lodge is a unique place for cancer patients and their families who come to Toronto for cancer treatments. It is a self-care facility with 24 hour nursing coverage to assist and support patients during the active phase of their treatment.

Audience: Cancer patients and their families

Provided: Grand Piano, Music Stand. Microphones/ mic-stands (4), and speaker-amp system are available per request

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