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About us

ShineOn pioneered On-Demand Jewelry and has goals to become the world's largest jewelry retail network.

We have an L5.2 app powering order synchronization / fulfillment of custom 3d casted jewelry on our Shopify store.

We have an newer L5.6 app powering print on-demand product creation and fulfillment across thousands of stores as a Shopify embedded app. Here is a video from one of our affiliates that will help explain / showcase the app.

This is a full-time remote opportunity for a to be apart of a company that is growing fast.

When you apply, we expect you ...

- work for yourself, without assistance by anyone else in any fashion.
- have an active Github and up to date LinkedIn.
- speak English well.
- work with the Laravel eco-system and enjoy staying up to date with new developments.
- have used Laravel at a professional level for one or more employers.
- will work full-time, remotely, as a contractor and can start in June.
- will answer a few simple Laravel questions below or your application will be thrown out.
- are willing to share your screen and participate in an interview and create a simple class in the Laravel context.
- are willing to share your screen and provide a quick walk-through of something you created in Laravel (local dev is fine) and be prepared to talk through some of your code.

Before you apply, we hope you ...

- think automation makes you feel like you have super powers.
- have some experience with a JS framework, such as React JS, VueJS, etc.
- have some ecom experience / or better, Shopify experience.

If we hire you, we expect you can...

- challenge yourself and learn new things and are comfortable in a start-up environment.
- operate with minimal supervision, but ARE NOT hesitant or embarrassed to ask others for guidance.
- familiarize with agile, read user stories, and understand project requirements.
- ramp up fast as you already know "how to Laravel"
- be excited when starting a new feature, or modern API integration, but don't mind having to crank out bug fixes when necessary.
- REST, git, vagrant, have the minimal devops experience to setup your own environment and ssh into servers to perform simple tasks on the command line.
- write vanilla javascript and can do pretty much anything in jQuery (if you have to).
- understand documentation, vet and implement third-party API clients / libraries that already exist to solve common problems.
- (when necessary) create something simple quickly instead of adopting a bloated library.

Applying ...

The form / questions below shouldn't take more than 3 minutes to fill out.

If you LinkedIn doesn't reflect everything on your resume / CV, then it would be prudent to first update your LinkedIn because we'll be looking at that for your resume / CV experience. Same goes for GitHub.

If we think you're a good fit, we'll contact you and move forward with an interview.

We get many applicants with LaraJobs, PLEASE wait until we contact you, do not email us until we have reviewed your application and emailed you first.

We thank you so much for taking the time to read and fill out this application.
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