Hybrid Creatures NFT Whitelist Form
To solve puzzles showcasing our NFT project and many other collab partners, download the ConsumerBreak mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play. If you win, the NFTs or cryptocurrency will be airdropped to your wallet (input your WAX Address in app menu). Links at https://www.consumerbreak.com
- Also there are many giveaways on live streams at https://www.twitch.tv/consumerbreak 

Details about our Hybrid Creatures NFT project are here! https://www.hybridcreaturesnft.com
Collect creature cards and blend your way to the seasonal Mythic Hybrid Creature NFT that offers utility of 10% revenue share split, 2X P2E multipliers and more. Also, NFTs stake to earn $WAXP and provide giveaway entries. See more at https://www.hybridcreaturesnft.com/utility 

In order to enter Discord giveaways or claim Hybrid Holder perks, you will need to be whitelisted by our project. This is to sync your address for game earnings and utility access. Please input your WAX Cloud Wallet address and Discord username in the next section (get a WAX Address at https://wallet.wax.io), and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/BkvYXm4mAT. We also need your Country of Residence for tax purposes.

You do not need to be Whitelisted to receive prizes from our collab game partners.

If someone that is already Whitelisted referred you, input their Discord or ConsumerBreak or Twitch username as your referral and you will both earn a free pack of 1 NFT!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to activate a WAX Cloud Wallet account for the first time, WAX requires that you buy 5 WAXP elsewhere and send it to address newuser.wax. You will also need to buy some of the RAM resource in order to perform actions including holding NFTs, which is done using $WAXP. If you want to get started quickly and never have to buy cryptocurrency, just shoot us an email at contact@consumerbreak.com! You may also email us to buy our NFTs using PayPal.

Once you have submitted this form and joined our Discord, please wait patiently while we note your information and assign you the "Whitelisted" Role on Discord (this happens within 24 hours).

In order to partake in Play-To-Earn on our ConsumerBreak games that offer "P2E" Hybrid Creature cards (while in season), you will need the non-transferable Break Pass NFT. Blend Promos #1+#2+#3 to get it!

If you're on Twitch, also include your username so we can sync your wallet easily when winning on Twitch games. 

Please ask us any questions and we will be happy to help! contact@consumerbreak.com

VOID WHERE PROHIBITED - PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not all countries and states allow raffles, NFTs or play-to-earn games. By using this website, interacting with our services, attempting to or receiving or purchasing NFTs, you represent and warrant that you are in compliance with all applicable laws in the jurisdiction where you are located and agree to our terms at https://www.hybridcreaturesnft.com/terms
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