A Collective Ribbon - Making the Triangle Fire Memorial
The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition invites the public to participate in the making of the permanent memorial to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

With your help, there will be the collective creation of a "Ribbon", formed together from individual pieces of fabric. This fabric "Ribbon" will be archived and its pattern and texture will be transferred to the steel of the memorial. It will be mounted on the facade of the Brown Building in Manhattan, where the fire took place, March 25, 1911.

You are invited to embed your personal contribution in the body of this future memorial and to share with us why the story of the Triangle Fire and the memory of those who perished matters to you.

We will be accepting fabric until fabrication, estimated to be Fall of 2019. Now is the time!
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1: Individual pieces of fabric and the stories of those who donated them, are collected, documented, and archived.
2: The pieces of fabric are joined together to form a 300 foot long, 2 foot wide ribbon.
3: The Collective Ribbon will have its pattern and texture transferred to the main element of the permanent memorial to the Triangle Fire. The memorial will be mounted on the facade of the Brown Building, the original site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in Greenwich Village, NYC. The stories of the participants and images of their fabrics are published as an online archive, in partnership with the Kheel Center at Cornell University.
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