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Student and Guardian Agreement Form
Students and parents/guardians are responsible for reading and following the rules in the Student Handbook. This handbook has been developed within the framework of the Acton School Committee Policy Manual. The Handbook can now be viewed and electronically signed online, reducing paper waste. Please take the time to review the Handbook (click the link below) with your child and submit your electronic signature.

If you have any questions about this handbook, please contact Acton School Administration at

Link to the Student Handbook

By signing this form you accept and agree to abide by the following statements.

I have reviewed a copy of the Student-Parent Handbook and have familiarized myself with the information contained within this document. Reminder: by signing this document, you have agreed to the AES internet policy on
pages 17-19. Please sign and return to your child’s homeroom teacher. The Student Handbook can be found at and a printed copy can be requested via the Main Office by calling 636-2100x201.

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