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Please fill out the application as complete as possible as this will accelerate the certification process so that we can schedule your interview if you are near the schools that we are currently working with. Thank you for your interest in homestay.
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Applicant  First Name     *
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Occupation *
Any other members living in the home:
*All members over 18 years of age in household are required to have a background check completed
Name    -   Relationship   -   Age       &   Date of Birth  of Other Members
Have all the members of your household been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (this will not affect you hosting and is for our information only) *
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Language spoken in the home *
Secondary language
Has anyone in the household been charged or convicted of a crime? *
If yes, please explain: What crime?
When was it committed?
How many rooms do you have available for students? *
Will students be sharing a bathroom?   *
If so, with whom?
Does the room have a bed, desk, chair, lamp and drawers/hanging space for clothes? *
Are you able to host a student for longer than 6 weeks? *
Are there any dates that you are NOT available? *
Please list
Would you consider hosting a student under the age of 18? *
Are there any nationalities you object to hosting? *
 If so please list
Are you willing to provide meals for the student (most students do request meals)? *
Are you willing to accommodate special diets?
Do you have wireless access available for the student at no charge? *
Will you permit smoking outside? *
Will you permit alcohol if the student is over the age of 21? *
Do you have pets? *
# of Dogs
 # of cats
# Other
What kind?
Do you prefer students that are *
What colleges are you located near?     *
Please list school and Distance via Bus/light rail? Please map in minutes from Google maps
What are your normal work hours? *
Have you hosted an international student before? *
Why is your family interested in hosting an international student? *
What, if any is your religious affiliation? *
What sort of activities, hobbies or sports do you and/or your family enjoy? *
How did you hear about Arizona Homestay? *
Please give us 2 personal local references *
Name   -   Phone  - Relationship
Please let us know about any special requests or activities we should take into account when matching you with a student:
Please share with us any other information that you would like our students to know that would help introduce you and/or your family.  The more information, the better.  Please include any information about your community that would be helpful to the student:
Please read the Host agreement below. Your signature below confirms you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Homestay agreement included in this application.
I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.  If provided information is shown to be incorrect, the application will be null and void and above applicant will not be able to host with Arizona Homestay.  By signing the application electronically, I authorized Arizona Homestay to verify the above information.
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