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Monthly Programs
What content would you like to see at monthly meetings? (check all that apply)
If we were to offer a fixed price buffet meal at monthly meetings, what price would you be willing to pay?
What locations would you like to see us host our meetings in? (check all that apply)
Currently we offer you 10-12 educational programs a year. How many do you feel is best?
How often would you like to see social gatherings mixed in with educational programs?
How many photographic outings would you like to attend each year? (photo walks, night shoots, shoot outs, etc)
Full Day Seminars
For a full day workshop (hands-on) what would be a reasonable price you would pay to attend?
What time of year would you like to see bonus program (full day with additional fee)?
Membership & News
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How would you like to get communication from us?
What would work best for your membership dues, billing wise?
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