Petition to Reject the Zone Change Application for 22 Weber St W
Please sign the petition calling on Kitchener City Council to reject the Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendment application for 22 Weber Street submitted by 30 Duke Street Ltd. on page 2.

Background information:

Some of the proposed changes include:
- unlimited building height and number of storeys
- a front yard setback of 0.8m when the existing zoning requires 3m
- a maximum floor space ratio of 6.2 when the existing zoning allows 4
- 21 parking spaces when the existing zoning requires a minimum of 104
- 3 visitor parking spaces when the existing zoning requires a minimum of 21

Details, including Heritage Impact Assessment, site plans, perspective drawings and more are available at:

Concerned neighbours believe the proposed zoning fails to provide an appropriate transition and threatens neighbourhood homes and properties, and, if accepted, would:

- encroach on the privacy of nearby residents and occupants
- block sunlight and cast shadows on nearby low-rise properties, businesses and homes
- diminish owner enjoyment on their property
- exacerbate wind tunnels on Weber, Roy and other streets
- increase pressure on parking on nearby streets
- detract from the ambience and character of the neighbourhood
- overpower heritage properties and harm the Heritage District
- compromise the viability of a stable neighbourhood
- set a dangerous precedent

Rejecting the application does not mean that the concerned neighbours reject other changes or developments in the Olde Berlin Town neighbourhood.
Map of subject area 22 Weber Street W
Applicant's proposed build against neighbouring properties
We recognize that planning and development are complex topics.

In an attempt to make this application easier to understand, the Olde Berlin Town Neighbourhood has posted helpful resources on their website:

Definitions of the terms used in this application are available on the City of Kitchener website: and a few used in the petition are copied here:

Helpful illustrations of zoning terminology are available on the City of Kitchener website:
Notice of collection
The information collected on this petition is collected as part of the process of appealing a Public Planning matter. The purpose of the collection is to petition Kitchener City Council.

The justification for offering an e-petition, in addition to a paper petition, is to support the Region of Waterloo Public Health guidelines pertaining to physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City of Kitchener website includes the following statement about petitions: "Petitions submitted during a public meeting are considered part of the public record. If you wish to submit a petition, please ensure everyone who has signed the document understands their personal information: Will be available to the public, and Will NOT be protected under MFIPPA [the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act]."

Should you have any questions about the collection of information please contact the 22 Weber Street Working Group (
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