Reach Higher Massachusetts - Membership Application
Reach Higher in Massachusetts will inspire every student to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school by training school counselors to improve their knowledge of and access to community partners and existing programs and resources; building central office administrations' ability to better support their school counselors; transforming the role of school counselors; and changing the public's perception of school counseling.

Joining Reach Higher Massachusetts requires no monetary commitment, but members are expected to support the mission of the organization. Completing the application below will ensure you receive all email communication from us.

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There are two levels of membership in Reach Higher Massachusetts - Organizational Supporter and Individual Supporter. Organizational Supporters will have their organization's name listed on the Reach Higher Massachusetts website.

If you are interested becoming an Organizational Supporter, please indicate below and submit a letter by email to on organizational letter head signed by the leader of the organization.

By submitting this application, I understand I will become an Individual Supporter of Reach Higher Massachusetts and will receive email communication from the organization
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