Perspectives in Medicine
Section I - Project Overview

Failure. Loneliness. Imposter Syndrome. These are just some of the difficulties that we face during our education. We are expected to save lives. We are expected to be leaders. We are expected to succeed. With such high expectations, many of our peers have come to internalize these ideas. But sometimes we need support. Sometimes we need time to heal. Sometimes we just need to know that we aren't going through these struggles by ourselves.

“Perspectives in Medicine'' is a Canada-wide campaign where medical trainees and professionals can share the personal challenges they’ve faced. This is an opportunity to connect with each other and to fight the stigma against mental illness. It’s an opportunity to spark conversation within the community. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves that it’s okay to not be okay. Whether through a story, poem, or any artistic medium, we want you to share your own narrative and to remind you that you are not alone — we’re in this together.

Your mental health and well-being is our #1 concern and, while we want to share the unique experiences students have gone through in medical education, we ask that if you are in an immediate crisis to please contact emergency services. If you are experiencing an immediate mental health emergency please contact:

1) 1-833-456-4566 (Canada Suicide Prevention Services)
2) Text 45645 (Canada Suicide Prevention Services, 4 PM - 12 AM ET)
3) Local Crisis Services:
4) 911 or visit the nearest available hospital
5) Please see the following link for local and national mental health/wellness resources:

Stories will be shared on social media, our website, and in the "Perspectives in Medicine" journal (Vol. 2).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

UPDATE: The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the medical curriculum and has affected the lives of millions all over the world. We welcome all stories surrounding the COVID pandemic and how it has affected your life. Please feel free to write about your experiences below!
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