Short Term Rental
"Short Term Rental" generally refers to the rental of a habitable structure for a period of less than 30 days. Advancements in technology have made possible a sharing economy which is creating some capability issues with established residential neighborhoods. Websites such as Airbnb and VRBO have made it possible for transient guests to book accommodations in non-traditional locales. Is this nightly use by transient guests sufficiently different in character from residential use by the owner that it constitutes commercial use and warrants County concern? Your opinion and feedback is highly valued. Thank you in advance for completing the following brief survey of 24 questions. Please keep in mind that any policy which this survey helps shape would apply only in unincorporated areas of Sublette County.
1. Which of the following describes your level of concern regarding homes operated as "short term rentals (STRs)" in Sublette County's unincorporated areas? *
2. Below are various views sometimes expressed in STR conversations. Please choose one (1) that best matches your own views. *
3. Have you ever been disrupted by activities connected to a STR property? (e.g., noise, traffic, security issues) *
4. How would you feel having a STR in your neighborhood? *
5. Do you believe owner occupation should be required for any STR? *
6. Do you feel that living next to or near a STR property impacts your own property value? *
7. Please mark each of the following STR potential issues based upon how likely they are to be impactful on a neighbor's peaceful enjoyment of their property. *
Very Impactful
Somewhat Impactful
Not Impactful
Personal Safety
"Party House"
Camp Fires/Fire Danger
Negative wildlife impacts
Increased demand for County services
8. Should the county consider regulation whereby the host/owner risks the ability to use their property for STR if the County receives more than a certain number of complaints? *
9. Do you feel issues related to STRs are diminished if the STR is "hosted"? Hosted refers to a STR where the owner or their agent resides at the property. This differs from "un-hosted" where the guest enjoys an unsupervised stay)? *
10. Many existing STRs have been operating for several years. Should a past history of neighbor complaints or police citations be considered in any future licensing/registration? *
11. Increases in noise, dust and traffic are commonly cited complaints regarding STRs. Should operators/owners be prohibited from making all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) available to guests? *
12. The noise produced by late-night outdoor activities and late-night check ins by STR users could be quite bothersome. Should some "hours of operation" be required for STRs? *
13. Should there be occupancy limits established for STRs? For example, no more than 2 adults per bedroom (children under 16 not included). *
14. Large events such as weddings, reunions and parties can generate considerable nuisances. Should such large events be allowed at STRs? *
15. It is often felt that too many STRs in a neighborhood can change the character of that neighborhood. Which of the following statements best represent your opinion on the frequency with which STRs should be permitted in a neighborhood? *
16. Should there be a limit on the number of STRs in a given area? *
17. If limitations on the frequency/density of STRs in an area is to be desired, on what basis should limitations be designed? *
18. In the following six questions please rank in order of importance the following common STR guidelines. (one (1) being least important, six (6) being very important). *
Local Contact person able to respond to issues within the hour.
19. *
Safety Inspection (fire, health, etc.)
20. *
Outdoor fire guidelines
21. *
Hours of operation (nighttime quiet hours)
22. *
Event restrictions (parties, receptions, reunions, etc.)
23. *
Maximum Occupancy
24. Which below best describes your place of residence? *
Thank you for completing the survey. Feel free to add any additional comments you might wish to share.
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