Chair Placement Audition Submission Form Winter 2018
1. UPLOAD BOTH RECORDINGS (Scales & Bandology excerpt) to YouTube
2. PASTE EACH LINK into the form below.
3. AFTER you have completed this form click the submit button.

Be sure you are visible in the video.
Test your audio level to make sure the recording device is not too close or too far away from you when you are playing.
You must use your school issued gmail account.

All submissions are due by Tuesday, February 6th at 10:00 p.m.

Late entries will receive no more than half credit.

Do not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment!

Bandology excerpts:
Flute: m1-m24 (1st ending) & m57-m72
Clarinet: same as flutes
Alto Sax: same as flutes
Bass Clarinet: m1-m24 (1st ending) & m136-m152
Trombone: same as bass clarinet
Trumpet: m1-m24 (1st ending) & m161-m168
Mallet Percussion: same as flutes
Snare: m1-m24 (1st ending) & m121-m136
All percussionists play the scale sheet.
All wind players play the scale sheet.
LAST name: *
FIRST name:
Instrument: *
EXCERPT #1: Paste the link to your video for the scales here. *
EXCERPT #2: Paste the link to your video for the Bandology excerpt here. *
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