Research Ethics in Neuropsychological Research
In December 2016, Professors Sergio Della Sala and Roberto Cubelli published an article in The Psychologist outlining the impediments posed by NHS Research Ethics Committees to the conduct of neuropsychological research. The full article is available here:

As a result of the article, the Director of Operations of the Health Research Authority (HRA) hosted a one-day meeting between the UK Research Ethics Service and representatives of the BNS and BPS Division of Neuropsychology with the aim of discussing current issues and finding solutions to address them.

After the meeting, the BNS:

+ Encouraged members to join NHS Research Ethics Committees

+ Highlighted the fact that neuropsychology researchers can choose where to submit their Ethics application.

+ Encouraged members to report Ethics issues and inconsistent decisions to the BNS Executive Committee, so that these can be highlighted with the HRA.

We now want to follow-up on this issue, and gain an understanding of the current situation. We would welcome your views and recent experiences in obtaining ethics approval for your neuropsychological research.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact the BNS Honorary Secretary.

Thank you.

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