Western Waste Management Tours for SON Members
Complete the form below to sign up to tour the Western Waste Management Facility. This is an opportunity to understand how nuclear waste is currently stored at the Bruce site, and to learn more about the Deep Geologic Repository for the long-term storage of Low and Intermediate-Level Waste.
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Information and Requirements for Visitors to WWMF
-Photo Identification (Driver's License or Passport).
-Vehicles are searched by site security and individual searches are mandatory at the Used Fuel Dry Storage Facility.
-Security Pass, Hard hat & safety glasses (provided) must be worn at all times.

-Casual dress is recommended
-Natural fibres (cotton, wool, leather, etc) clothing is recommended, as opposed to polyester and fleece, which attracts and holds radon.
-Pants that cover the leg are required, rather than shorts, capri's, skirts, or dresses.
-No personal hats or caps. Hard-hats will be provided
-No open toed shoes (sandals) or high heeled shoes that may damage equipment (safety footwear is not required).

-Prior notification is needed if the visitor has embedded metal or medical devices.
-Prescription drugs are allowed only with prior notification and clearance.
-Pregnant women are not permitted due to radiological zones.
-Persons who have undergone radio-pharmaceutical treatments in the last six weeks are not permitted on tour.
-Cameras or recording devices are not permitted.
-Cell phones and electronic devices are not permitted (leave on bus or in car).
-Drugs, alcohol, and firearms are not permitted.
-Bags, brief cases, etc. are not permitted on tour.

-Tour includes both inside and outside locations and physical activity (includes walking and climbing stairs - notify us if you are bringing a walking device).
-Personal radiological monitoring (of hands, feet, and whole body) is required throughout the tour and upon exit. Free and unrestricted use of all limbs is required for monitoring.
-Visitors must stay with sponsor (immediate line-of-sight) at all times.

I understand the above information and agree to meet all requirements and follow all procedures as outlined above. *
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