Metadyn View questionnaire
How often you use MetadynView to visualize metadynamics data? *
How do you use/prefer to use MetadynView?
Are you satisfied with MetadynView?
Are you satisfied with MetadynView documentation?
completely satisfied
completely dissatisfied
Which other tools you use to get free energy surfaces from HILLS files?
Which current features of MetadynView you use/are interested to use?
Are you using MetadynView to make images for publications?
Which features you miss in MetadynView?
Would you share your HILLS files from published simulations in a public database with visualization by MetadynView?
Do you produce or do you plan to produce in near future some extremely large HILLS files that would require use of big data tools (e.g. Hadoop or Spark) to calculate free energy surfaces?
Would you use MetadynView as an application for mobile phones or tablet PCs?
Do you have some other suggestions, comments etc?
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