Vision & Expectations: Experiences and Stories
This survey is being used to collect stories from ELCA candidates and rostered ministers relating to their experience with Vision & Expectations. Your experiences may have been positive, negative, confusing, hurtful, joy-filled, affirming, etc. There are no guidelines other than to be honest and to speak for yourself (please do not tell others' stories, rather encourage them to share their own!).

Please note: these stories *will* be shared, however we will not share names unless consent is explicitly received and it serves the greater purpose of awareness, advocacy, and justice to share such details. Unless you give explicit permission, your name and any others mentioned in your story will remain strictly confidential and will only be seen by ELM staff. If there is a perceived need to share names, either the ELM program director or executive director will reach out to you via email to receive consent.

Please share the link for this survey with your peers and colleagues. We understand that V&E impacts all candidates, so we are seeking the stories of straight and cis-gender candidates as well as gender and sexual minority candidates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to ELM at

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3. Current Context: (i.e. candidate, pastor, deacon, English as second language, rural parish, seminarian, awaiting call, LGBTQIA+, straight, cisgender, person of color, no longer candidate/rostered, etc.) Note: self-disclosure of identities is not required, but helpful to know how V&E affects people from various backgrounds. *
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4. Experience with Vision & Expectations: Please share your story! In as much detail as is comfortable for you, please share: your context at the time of the experience; the impact of V&E on your personal, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing; the "players" i.e. individuals and institutions involved; and any other details that are important to your story. You may share more than one story/experience below.
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