SRVRTC Summer Camp 2019
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I understand that the Sugar River Valley Region Technical Center or SAU 6 will not be responsible for the medical expenses incurred, but that such expenses will be my responsibility as parent/guardian *
TUITION INFORMATION: $25.00 payable by Check or Cash to the SRVRTC
Address: 111 South Street
Claremont, NH 03773
Parents seeking needs based scholarship for the $25.00 fee must email the Director at and provide evidence of need.
Terms of Agreement
Photo Release
I hereby give permission for my child to be photographed during the SRVRTC Summer Camps. I understand the photos will be used to keep a journal of activities, to share during power point presentations and/or reports to our donors and for promotional purposes including flyers, brochures, newspaper and on the internet. I understand that although my child’s photograph may be used for advertising, his or her identity will not be disclosed, I do not expect compensation and that all photos are the property of Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center. *
Camper Expectations
Student who are attending the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center (SRVRTC) – Claremont NH will be expected to adhere to the rules of the current Claremont Middle School Parent Student Handbook. Students are expected to come prepared with appropriate clothing as specified by the program. Both Construction Carpentry and Culinary require students to wear long pants, shirt with sleeves (No Tank Tops) and closed toe shoes. Culinary students will also need to wear a hat during kitchen time. Students will be provided safety glasses and expected to wear them. Safety is the utmost concern for us at the SRVRTC. Any intentional safety violations by the student and or disciplinary problem will result in removal from summer camp at the sole discretion of the Director of the SRVRTC and forfeiture of paid tuition. *
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