Frankie's Cupcakes: Cupcake Cake [Pull Apart] Order Request Form
Required for all orders from Frankie's Cupcakes. This form does not guarantee that we are available and able to meet your request and date.  Please respond to all questions below -- if you leave anything blank, you leave it up to the cake artist to make decisions about your cake order. Any elements left blank and created by the cake artist will match your design. Cupcake wrappers will match the frosting/theme on all orders.
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What flavor(s) would you like your cupcakes? (the base/cake itself)
How many cupcakes of each flavor would you like? [ex: 12 chocolate and 12 yellow/vanilla]
What flavor of frosting(s) would you like? [note: if there is *** after a flavor, it can be made into any color you request]
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How many cupcakes of each flavor would you like and on which cupcakes? [etc. 12 chocolate with vanilla buttercream, 12 vanilla with chocolate buttercream]
What color(s) would you like your cupcakes? Please describe what you'd like to see. What shape or pull-apart design do you like best? Do you want one color of frosting? If you'd like, write Frankie's Choice and we will make something look great within your selected color scheme/theme.
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