Impact of Large Satellite Constellations on Astronomy
As individuals engaged with the night sky, you are in an important position to help guide efforts to understand the impact of large satellite constellations on astronomy and enjoyment of the night sky. Data obtained through this survey will be used to inform the writing of the SATCON2 report - which will be used as part of our effort to address the impacts of satellite constellations on astronomy.
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In what country are you located? *
I would characterize myself as: *
I contribute to research programs, such as variable star light curves, exoplanet confirmations, supernova searches, etc. *
My general sense of large satellite constellations (such as Starlink and Oneweb) is: *
My observing has been affected by large satellite constellations (e.g., Starlink) *
Little to no impact
Substantial impact
My appreciation and enjoyment of the night sky has been negatively affected by large satellite constellations: *
Very little
Very much
Please provide any comments/suggestions you have regarding large satellite constellations, including additional information you would like to receive, ideas for mitigating effects, etc.
If you are willing to contribute additional thoughts/information to this project, please provide your e-mail address. This information is not required, and will not be shared outside of this study.
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