Fundraising Committee Member Application
Requirements for Committee member positions:
- Must be a current, active AMSA member with at least 1 full year of good standing membership.
- If granted position, must be able to commit for 1 full year.
- Possess both a national & local membership at the time of application.
- Must receive 1 recommendation letter from a current AMSA E-board/Chair member.

Once selection is made, you will have 24 HOURS to accept or decline the position. It should be noted, that upon accepting a position, you are expected to remain in that position for the entire school year (Fall and Spring semesters) and continue with AMSA as a priority. Keep this in mind when applying for graduate schools, preparing for entrance exams, class schedules, personal and family obligations, and any other factors that may inhibit your ability to fulfill your position.

As a Fundraising Committee Member, you are responsible for supporting the Fundraising Chair in planning and organizing on- and off-campus fundraisers for charities and for AMSA. The committee plans and executes one to two fundraisers per month in addition to donation drives. Your duties are to support the Fundraising Committee Chair whenever necessary.

Once the application has been completed an AMSA Officer will contact you for a formal interview.

NOTE: Application deadline will be announced when position is open.
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