Multicultural & Racial Trauma: Therapeutic Sensitivities
Your responses will be helpful in developing training materials for our upcoming PEACE Workshop.
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Please answer each of the following four questions using the 4-point Likert scale.
How frequently do you have clients of color for whom you provide counseling services? *
How frequently do issues related to racial or cultural issues come up in therapy with your clients of color? *
How much do you engage with clients about the impact of racial and cultural matters in their lives? *
How much would you say that clients of color face and deal with the effects of racial or cultural trauma? *
Now please answer each of the following four questions using the 3-point Likert scale.
How comfortable do you feel engaging with clients on issues related to racial and or cultural concerns? *
How would you rate how well prepared you are with engaging with clients of color about trauma related racial and/or cultural background? *
What question would you like to have addressed during the presentation as it relates to multicultural and racial trauma and its effects in the therapeutic relationship? *
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