Greenville Pedestrian Survey
Welcome to the survey for the Borough of Greenville Pedestrian Circulation Study! We need your input to identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvements around Greenville for pedestrians. Thank you for your time.
Where do you live?
How would you describe yourself?
For what reasons do you walk around Greenville? Select all that apply.
What are some specific places you walk to?
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What streets do you cross to get to these places?
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Are any improvements needed on these streets to improve your walking experience or safety? Please be specific.
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What is important to you when choosing a route to walk on? Check all that apply.
If you don't walk, what are some barriers to walking?
Are there any other locations where you would like to see pedestrian amenities added? Please be specific, use street names or landmarks.
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Do you have any other comments or ideas about pedestrian circulation around Greenville?
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Please provide your email address if you would like to receive updates and meeting invites for this study.
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Thank you for your time and input!
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