Our Adventure with Joe
Fill in the blanks.

If the note in parentheses includes the word (plural), please add ‘s’ or ‘es’ to make your word plural. We may also ask for words to end a certain way, like, (end with ‘ly’ or ‘est’).
1. Your first name
2. adjective (capitalize) (you'll repeat this adjective throughout the story)
3. an outdoor activity (ending with 'ing')
4. place name (capitalize)
5. adjective (capitalize) (same adjective as #2)
6. name (capitalize) (you'll repeat this name throughout the story)
7. adjective (ending with 'est' or 'iest')
8. name (capitalize) (same name as #6)
9. color
10. color
11. verb
12. adjective (capitalize) (same adjective as #2)
13. name (capitalize) (same name as #6)
14. number
15. an animal, fish, or insect
16. adjective (capitalize)
17. animal
18. adjective (capitalize) (same adjective as #2)
19. adjective
20. verb
21. name (capitalize) (same name as #6)
22. body part
23. adjective (capitalize) (same adjective as #2)
24. adjective (ending with 'est' or 'iest')
25. email *
26. Does the ADKX have permission to share your first name and your story on the ADKX website, social media, and other places? *
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