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Hi! We are language technology researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. In our efforts to develop machine translation tools that can properly translate Covid-19 content accurately across all of the world's languages, we would like your help!

We are looking for news sources for most of the world's languages, with a particular interest in non-European, low-resource languages. We would like you to provide us with URLs (for each news source) that we could then scrape in order to find Covid-19 related articles. Ideally, the more reputable the source, the better (as in, try to avoid websites that might spread disinformation).
We also ask you for a few keywords in the language, related to Covid-19, that will help us filter out relevant articles.

You also have the option to provide your name and email address, in case we need to reach out to you for more information regarding these news sources.

If you want to provide more than 3 answers (which is the maximum allowed by this form), you can always complete another one!

Please see examples for English in the description of each question for the desired input format.

Antonis Anastasopoulos and Graham Neubig
Language Technologies Institute,
Carnegie Mellon University
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