Living with Covid in Colwall
This survey is conducted by Colwall Village Society as a way of collecting information for future historians about people's daily lives during Covid. We would like to hear about you and your families' experiences - how it has affected you, how it has changed your life at work and at home. You can tell us as much or as little as you like.

Your responses will be held by the Colwall Village Society and may be uploaded to the internet in the future. For more information visit our website at

Please note this survey is for historical purposes only and all contributions are anonymous.
Do you live or work in Colwall *
How Old Are You?
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How has your work or education been affected during the pandemic? (For example, Are you a key worker, worked from home or had to home school?)
How have you kept in touch with friends and family?
Have you changed your shopping habits?
What have been the biggest changes for you? What have you missed most - have there been any hidden advantages?
Have you been involved in any voluntary work to help other people through the pandemic. ( For example Colwall Careline, Vaccine helper)
Any other thoughts about what has happened since March 2020
All responses are anonymous. Are you happy for us to put your response on our website? *
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