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The hearing on SB 852, OEA's bill to give part-time faculty health care, will take place on Monday, March 11th from 1-3pm in the Senate Education Committee. Please indicate below how you plan to support passage of this bill, a top priority for OEA in the 2019 legislative session. We especially need people to provide in-person testimony at the hearing, and to attend in order to pack the room and show strong support for the bill. OEA has some funds available to reimburse colleges to pay for subs for faculty members who need to miss class in order to testify; please contact if you need to inquire about sub reimbursements.
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High priority: I am available to attend the hearing and I am interested in testifying in front of the committee so they can hear my personal story about why this bill is important. (OEA staff will help shape testimony and prepare for the hearing.) *
High-priority: I will attend the hearing to help pack the room and show support for the bill.
I will help recruit others to attend the hearing to help pack the room or provide testimony. *
There is not any way I can attend the hearing in person, but I have a personal story about the need for part-time faculty health care and I will work with OEA staff to submit written testimony. *
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