2020 SaltCON Spring Volunteers
*We are looking for outgoing, energetic people who are passionate about sharing the board game hobby to volunteer for SaltCON!

We need even more volunteers this year! As SaltCON grows, we need even more help to bring it all together. We have several positions for volunteers including the following:

REGISTRATION DESK: Greet attendees as they arrive at the convention, give them directions, and answer any questions they have. Help them to get their badges and swag, and find the best parts of the convention!

GAME LIBRARY: Put your board game knowledge to use! Help check games in and out of the game library. Keep the shelves organized, and help players find just the right game for their group! Offer suggestions, and make sure everyone finds what they want to play.

PLAY TO WIN LIBRARY: Help aspiring players check games in and out of the Play-to-Win library, and enter players into the system for a chance to win any games they play!

RUNNER: Make the rounds of the convention, keeping things straight, and helping attendees find what they are looking for. Runners will also be filling in for other shifts where extra help is needed.

HOT SQUAD! – We have an area of the convention called Hot Games, where we pick some of the most popular and hard to find titles, and leave them setup all convention long for attendees to enjoy. The Hot Squad is a group of volunteers that are dedicated to having a teacher available for all of these games all day. We only have 10 positions available for the Hot Squad, and you must be able to commit to a V16. You must learn a set number of the Hot Games that are chosen, and be prepared to teach them well!

GAME MASTER - We are looking for more volunteers to run Role-Playing Game sessions! If you are experienced as a game master, and passionate about exploring worlds and creating a story together, we need your help!


There are 2 levels of volunteers. V8 volunteers must volunteer for a total of 8 hours during the convention. V16 volunteers must volunteer for a total of 16 hours during the convention. All volunteers receive a free pass to SaltCON, while V16 volunteers receive an additional pass, and a SaltCON T-Shirt.

Volunteers must attend a volunteer training on Wednesday, March 4, 2019 at 7pm.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, and able to follow instructions and work independently.

Volunteers from previous years will be given preference for shift assignments.

Volunteers can sign up in shifts of a minimum of 2 hours at a time.

Volunteers will be required to wear their Volunteer shirt during all of their volunteer shifts.

Volunteers will be Independent Contractors and required to sign a volunteer agreement, which can be read here:


We will be handling volunteer shift selection similar to last year, where volunteers will select their own shifts, with previous volunteers getting priority. The volunteer shift selection will happen sometime in December or January.

Any questions about volunteering for SaltCON can be directed to Dan Naylor, dan@saltcon.com.

Volunteers are what makes SaltCON such an amazing event! We are so grateful to all of our past volunteers, and hope to see many familiar faces, as well as new volunteers this year! SaltCON could not go on without the help of our wonderful volunteers! Thank you for all that you do!
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