Parent Perception Survey- Pine Avenue Elementary School

We want your experience at Pine Avenue to be the best possible for you and your child. We are committed to providing a learning environment that allows all students to grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally. Please help us be successful in this commitment by sharing your thoughts, suggestions, compliments and concerns.


    The purpose of this survey is to find out your opinions about your child's school. Read each statement and choose the response that most closely matches your opinion. Record your response for each question by clicking the circle for your response . Please answer each item honestly. Your responses will be completely confidential.
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    Pine Avenue has established goals and a plan for improving student learning.
    Pine Avenue has high expectations for students in all classes.
    Pine Avenue provides opportunities for parents and families to be involved in the school.
    My child's teachers give work that challenges my child.
    My child's teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and learning activities.
    My child's teachers meet his/her learning needs by individualizing instruction.
    My child's teachers help me to understand my child's progress.
    My child's teachers keep me informed regularly of my child’s progress.
    My child's progress is reported in easy to understand language.
    My child knows the expectations (Learning Targets) for learning in all classes.
    My child has at least one adult advocate in the school.
    My child has up-to-date computers and other technology to learn.
    My child has access to support services based on his/her identified needs.
    Pine Avenue provides an adequate supply of learning resources that are current and in good condition.
    Pine Avenue provides a safe learning environment.
    Pine Avenue ensures that instructional time is protected and interruptions are minimized.
    My child is prepared for success in the next school year.
    My child has administrators and teachers that monitor and inform me of his/her learning progress. 
    My child understands his/her assessment scores for NWEA.
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