Red Team Adversary Emulation Lab - Self-hosting Prerequisites and Eligibility Form
Please fill this form if you are opting to self-host the Tax First Labz network in your AWS account. This lab is part of our course Red Team Adversary Emulation. For more information about the course, please visit
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Have you purchased the Red Team Adversary Emulation course? The option to self-host the lab is available only to students who have purchased the course via our website. You can purchase the course at discounted price via this link: . Please select 'Yes' if you have signed up for the course. *
Where did you sign-up for the course? *
If you selected Udemy in the above question, please mention your Udemy username else mention N/A: *
Please join Yaksas CSC Discord server at This is required as all lab management functionality and support will be provided via Discord. Please select 'Yes' once you have joined. *
Your Discord username. This is required to assign a role to your username that will provide you access to lab management commands. *
Share your 12-digit AWS account number (ID) . This is required to share machine images with your account. Please visit this link to find your AWS account number ID. *
Create an AWS IAM account with AmazonEC2FullAccess, CloudWatchActionsEC2Access and EC2InstanceConnect policies. Please visit this link to learn how to create an AWS IAM account. It is strictly advised to NOT use AWS root account or an account with full administrator access. Please select 'Yes' once you have created an AWS IAM account. *
Kindly subscribe to this Amazon Machine Image ( from the AWS account you will be using to self-host the lab. Please select 'Yes' once you have subscribed. *
The lab will cost approximately USD 0.38 per hour when running and approximately USD 0.033 per hour when stopped. Charges will be incurred until you destroy the lab environment. The amount will be charged by Amazon on the credit card you have configured for billing in your AWS account. Please select 'Yes' if you understand this. *
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