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Thank you for your interest in running a panel at Everfree Northwest 2019! We pride ourselves in maintaining a culture of fan-driven programming at our annual events. By hosting a panel at Everfree Northwest, you are helping us accomplish our mission of bringing Equestria to Earth for three days through the delivery of quality content to our attendees. Experience running panels is not required, only an eagerness to contribute and a willingness to stick to our Convention Policies. (https://everfreenw.com/about/policy/)
EFNW does not sanction "18+" panels. All panel content must be suitable for a "PG-rated" audience. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

Please submit one form for every panel you wish to run. Panel applications close at 11:59pm on March 24th, 2019, so don't delay!

All panelists are required to be registered for the con and must posses a badge valid on the day that their panel will take place. Unless specifically negotiated otherwise, EFNW does NOT cover the cost of badges for panelists.

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We will ONLY contact you if there is an emergency regarding your panel DURING the con (schedule changes, no-shows, etc.)
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In as much detail as possible, please describe what your panel is, what it's about, and how it will be structured.
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300 character limit. EFNW reserves the right to alter any conbook panel description to fit our guidelines.
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Is this panel MLP-related?
While we like to sport a healthy mix of pony and non-pony events at our convention, we do try to prioritize events that are MLP-specific. Please let us know which category your event falls into.
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Please select the category which best describes the primary subject of your panel. If you aren't sure which is best, select "General."
Is this a foal-targeted panel?
EFNW prides itself on presenting a number of events designed specifically for kids 12 and under! If your panel fits the bill, let us know so that we can help attract Everfree's youngest to the event.
Time Required *
Most panels are about an hour long.
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Do you require additional setup/teardown time?
All panel rooms will have at least a 15 minute gap between each event to allow outgoing panelists to pack up and incoming panelists to set up. If you require more time than this at the beginning or end of your panel, please describe your needs here.
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Potential Schedule Conflicts
Please let us know if there are any potential HARD conflicts that could arise in the schedule. Things to include are other panels you plan to run, whether you may be performing during a concert, and whether you plan on vending. We will use this information to ensure no conflicts arise.
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Preferred Day/Time of Day
Let us know when you'd prefer your panel to take place. We do our best to meet any special requests for placement within the schedule, but we cannot guarantee your request will be possible.
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A/V and Layout Requirements *
Please describe any special technical accommodations you need for your panel. This includes sound, number of microphones needed, special equipment, whether you need a projector, etc. We'd specifically like to know what kind of laptop hookups you may need (VGA, HDMI, etc.) Please also list any specific needs you have for room/stage layout.
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