Hogwarts Special Abilities Application
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The application to play a special character is difficult. Acceptance of special characters is only based on a superb understanding of how that character fits in the Harry Potter world, and the willingness to play fairly with other players.

Human: Animagi, Metamorphmagi, Seers, Empaths, Aurors, Legilimens, Occlumens, Parseltongues, Dark Wizards
Magical Creatures: Vampires, Werewolves, Veela, House Elves, Giants, Centaurs, Ghosts, Trolls, Merpeople, Goblins, other magical creatures

Rules for Special Characters
■ Players are limited to one special ability across all alts. Choose wisely.
■ Special characters must remain within the limits of the canon storyline and abilities that JK Rowling has determined for that race or ability.
■ Abuse of the play of special characters will grant an immediate and irrevocable removal of your ability to play a special ability on all alts.
■ Vampires, mostly pureblood veela, and trolls may not attend Hogwarts as students, however, they may play as adults. We may make an exception for the others, but their application must be stellar.
■ We will consider applications for a special character from players who have applied before no more than once per year.

Expectations for the Application
■ Prove a thorough understanding of your character and how they fit in the Harry Potter world. We want a clear knowledge of how your character looks, acts, and responds to other characters during play. This means we are looking for an extreme level of detail to your application.
■ Understand how to play fairly while playing a special character
■ Show that you have done research on the type of character you are playing.
■ We will work very little with players on applications for special characters, except on very minor issues, so please do your research and provide a complete and detailed application, otherwise, it is likely to be rejected. You have once chance to fix these issues, then you may not apply again for another year.

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What is your character name?
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Provide a photo URL or a written description of the physical looks of your character.
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Describe how your character’s race or special ability is used in the Harry Potter canon world.
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Please give some examples of your character's race or ability in the canon Harry Potter world.
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What roleplay ideas or plans do you have for your character?
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Describe powergaming and how you will avoid powergaming while playing a special ability.
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Are you willing to work with the staff on larger plots?
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Do you agree to abide by the canon guidelines set out by JK Rowling for your character and their abilities?
Do you agree to apply for a special ability on only one alt?
Write an in-character letter petitioning Hogwarts to allow your character in as a student, or if you are an adult, a job query to the Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts. Include why they should allow you, and what you can bring to the table. If your character is a student, you may write this letter from the point of view of a parent. If you are an adult who does not wish to play an employee, please choose a position and roleplay as if they did.
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