CDF Freedom Schools Online Summer Program - Child Enrollment Form, 2020 (Plummer)
Please complete an enrollment form for each child you would like to enroll in CDF Freedom Schools Online Summer program at Plummer Elementary School. Please note that your child(ren) must be enrolled in 2-5 grades in order to be eligible for this program.
In light of COVID-19, this site will prepare for a virtual summer with enrichment activities online and book/supply drop-offs throughout the summer program, are you interested in enrolling your child in the Online Freedom Schools summer program?
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If COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and DCPS schools reopen during the summer months, would you want to enroll your child at the school site?
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Please check the technology and learning space available to the scholar at home?
Do you have any concerns about returning to school during COVID-19? (Brief explanation)
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