Kobi Product Survey
Thank you for taking this quick survey - we'll be all done in just a few minutes. Note: This survey is designed for parents of children aged 4 and up.
How old are your kids? (Check all ages that apply) *
When do your kids take a bath or shower? *
In general, what personal care products (e.g., body wash) do your kids use today? *
If your kids are using any kid-specific products today, please list the brand and/or product names. (If they aren't, just skip this one)
Besides our deodorant, we want to offer your family other great products, too! Which other kid-specific natural products would you MOST like to have for your kids? (Select up to 3) *
Any detail to add on the specific characteristics you'd like those selected product(s) to have? (If not, just skip this one)
If your kids use any kind of fragrance products to smell good before leaving the house, what do they use? *
In general, what kind of bath product scents do your kids prefer? *
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