"Green Lead" Training Program Application
The "Green Lead: Whole Impact Training" leadership and professional development program with the Johns Hopkins University Office of Sustainability is an education and engagement program designed to increase environmental awareness and sustainable actions among JHU students through focused activities, dissemination of information, and hands-on projects. Students will have the opportunity to go through professional development workshops that will outline how to develop and implement outreach campaigns on campus.

Mandatory sessions will take place Wednesdays at 5:30PM, starting February 7 and ending April 25. Additionally, voluntary excursions will supplement these and in some cases, replace these weekly meetings. Students should be prepared commit to these weekly meetings for February through late April, and beyond three absences will warrant dismissal. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate recognizing their participation, will have acquired critical skills for creating change, and have made connections to help them succeed in sustainability-related pursuits in their time at Hopkins and beyond.

Questions? Email apennington@jhu.edu.


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