2019 WildFire Vendor Application
WildFire Retreat, a fire and spinning arts teaching event, is seeking vendors who will help further our mission of building community through sharing skills. WildFire vendors are excited to educate attendees about their products and maintain high standards for the quality and safety of the goods they sell.

Vendors pay full price for their ticket to WildFire. We see this as yet another way you contribute toward making this retreat special. Approved vendors are guaranteed tickets.

Applications must be submitted for consideration for Spring WildFire by April 21st. Notification of approval or denial will be sent to you on a rolling basis.

Please note that there is no fee for vending at May 2019 WildFire if you require one table (approx 6’ x 8’) or less. A small fee will be required for larger vendors to be determined by the space required.

Vending will only be allowed in the dining hall and by approved vendors. No back pack vending unless it is pre-approved, if vending occurs outside of approved guidelines you will be required to pay a vending fee.

Thank you!

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