Mission #5: Administrative Office
After your harrowing experience in the Boiler Room, you're convinced that someone on this ship knows that you're looking for them. You'd better act quickly.

You duck into a corner to check for further instructions from the Federation, but when you try and turn on your receiver, the screen remains black. Uh oh. This has never happened before. All Federation agents operate on a secure communications network, which is always online. A serious breach must have occurred to bring down a network this vital. With a jolt you realize it's not just you that's affected; Federation agents working on critical peacekeeping missions across the galaxy will also be flying blind. For the first time in this investigation, you're feeling well and truly alone on your mission.

You give yourself a minute to regroup, and focus on what you can do now. You remember that while you were checking out the Boiler Room, you found some blueprints stashed away. Key locations on board are indicated in red. This looks promising. You decide to go up to the Main Level and scope out the Administrative Office.
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