Wait List Application
Welcome! We are thrilled that you are interested in Brighten Academy Charter School! As specified in our charter, we accept applications Feb 1-15 of each year, for our annual Lottery. The Lottery has already taken place this year. You may complete this form to add your student(s) to the bottom of the grade level wait list. The number of students on each wait list varies from grade to grade; we cannot comment on the probability of your child being placed within a school year. If you registered for the Lottery this year, you do NOT need to complete this form.

Please complete the following questions to get your student's information entered into our wait list database. Be sure to select the correct grade for which you're applying; select the grade you expect your student to be in the 2018-19 school year.

If your student was included in the March 2018 Lottery, but you did not receive placement for Aug 2018, you have already been included on the wait list, and you do NOT need to complete this form.

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