Ouray Elementary Book Review Form
Book reviews will be posted on the Ouray Elementary Book Blog. On the blog we will only post your first name and age, all other information is for Ouray Teachers & Library purposes only. If you have any questions include them in the additional comments section.

Thank you and happy reading!

Goal 1: I will read at least 9 level-appropriate books from June through August and pass AR tests at 80% or better.
Goal 2: I will complete the required book summary and review for two or more of those books (Submitting this form)
Grading: A student who has read 9 books and completes 2 summaries receives a “pass”.

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Summary: Write a summary of the book. A summary tells your readers about the most important points and elements of a book you read in your own words. Include setting, story, characters, and theme.
A summary will include "spoiler" of the ending as you are describing the complete book.
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Please write a REVIEW of the book. Include a brief description of the story - but don't give anything away! Just try to hook other readers. You might include in your review if you would recommend this book, what the most compelling aspect of it is, and/or what makes it good. Be sure your comments don't "spoil" the book, especially the ending!
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This a "resubmit" for a book I reviewed earlier.
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