Apeksha Maharashtrachya: Agriculture, Rural Development and Cooperation (Rural)
Delivering Maharashtra is an initiate to know the Expectations of Maharashtra. This year we will be looking at the sectors from women's perspective / अपेक्षा महाराष्ट्राच्या या उपक्रमाचा मुख्य हेतू नागरिकाच्या अपेक्षा जाणून घेणे हा आहे. ह्या वर्षी सर्व सामाजिक प्रश्नांकडे महिलांच्या दृष्टीकोनातून बघण्यात येईल.
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Gender / लिंग *
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Education Status / शैक्षणिक स्थिती *
Occupation / व्यवसाय *
Address / पत्ता
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Who of your family actually work in farms? *
Is there sufficient water available in your village for farming? *
Is your village falls under Irrigation Command Area? *
Is there any Lift Irrigation Scheme in your village? *
Is the irrigation scheme functional/ active? *
Is there any soil testing facility (Pvt/Coop/Govt.) service made available to your village? *
Is there any fertilizer supplier shop/ cooperative society in your village? *
Is there any seed/ pesticides supplier shop in your village? *
Does your village face issue of shortage of farm labours? *
Is there any training facility regarding farming available in the village or nearby villages? *
Does your family get enough crop loan? *
Do you get loan for Farm Infrastructure development? *
Have you availed any subsidy in last two years?
For what purpose? *
Does your village has good farm roads so that tractor, harvester can move in easily? *
Does your village/ habitation is connected by pucca road? *
Do you get enough electricity, at least 12 hours a day? *
Is there any functional godown / warehouse in your village? *
Till date, have you ever visited APMC (Agri. Produce Market Committee Yard)? *
Do you think that just like grain and oil seed crops, even fruits and vegetables should get Minimum Support Price? *
Which mode will you prefer to sell farm produce? *
To cater annual family expenses, Does your family earn enough through farming? *
Will you support your children to enter into farming business? *
What stress/illness you face the most? *
Does your family has your own toilet facility? *
What is the reason for not having a toilet? *
Is there any common toilet facility in the village? *
Is the common toilet facility in functional/ maintained clean? *
In your village, does a Woman Sarpanch or Panch has free hand to run the gram panchayat? *
Who does of your family manage the animal shed? *
Who does of your family go to dairy/ milk collection center to sell milk? *
On whose name your family sell milk to dairy? *
How much money per month you need to run your family? *
Are there enough employment opportunities in or around village? *
To make old saying ‘उत्तम शेती, मध्यम व्यापार, कनिष्ठ नोकरी’ in to reality what is most needed? *
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