AASA 2018-2019 Co-Sponsorship Form

This is a way to request a co-sponsorship from the Asian-American Students' Association for an API-related event/effort you or your group is putting on. Please apply at least 3 weeks in advance so that we can process your request.

Please send an email about your submitted request to Thomas Hsieh (thsieh64@stanford.edu) and Karissa Dong (kxdong@stanford.edu), and CC AASA's co-chairs Melissa Chen (melchen@stanford.edu) and Catherine Gao (cthrngao@stanford.edu) with the following subject header:


The Asian American Student Association has a new Funding Process. Please fill out the following form to request funding.

1. Major Events - involves large audience and community involvement ($300 - $1000)
2. Political and Cultural Events ($100 - $300)
3. Social Events ($10 - $200)
4. Individual Grants ($0 - $50)

After completing the form, you or a representative from your organization are welcome to come to AASA meeting (Sundays 3-4pm in the A3C couchroom) to discuss your co-sponsorship request, but this is not mandatory.

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