How important is PLACE?
As The Exchange for Entrepreneurs continues to grow its community of co-workers, entrepreneurs, self-employed, and those who someday wish to be, it's important we understand members' wishes as well as their needs.

So we'd like to know... How important is place -- not just a place to congregate but a place where working, co-working, expenses and perhaps even ownership can be shared with other Exchange members? Is it important enough to make that part of the Exchange's mission and future goals?

Take a few minutes and let us know... At the end of the form, you'll have a chance to tell us who you are and whether or not we can contact you further, but anonymity is fine too.

Are you currently self-employed? *
Do you currently work out of an in-home office? *
Is having a co-working space in the community an attractive work-space alternative to you? *
Should a co-working space option present itself, what type of amenities would The Exchange Place need to offer?
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On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is least important and 10 is of utmost importance, how important is an Exchange Place for co-working in Oskaloosa?
What other thoughts do you have with regard to "Place?"
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