Festival of Death and Dying at Glastonbury 2018 - Feedback Form
This festival is a pilot, we are really interested to know how it has been received. We'd appreciate your feedback, it should only take a few minutes. Each of the questions are optional and the questionnaire is anonymous.

The event has two main goals: 1) To make talking and thinking about death more comfortable so that we might be better
prepared both for our own deaths and for the deaths of others. 2) To make talking about and sharing grief a more normal activity. We would like to know if an event like this is a good way of achieving those goals.

For further information please see deathfestglastonbury2018.com.

How did you hear about the Festival of Death and Dying? (select as many as you wish)
What is your Age Group?
Which of these activities have you attended/participated in at the event?
How useful have you found the event in a practical sense?
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How helpful have you found the event in thinking about death and dying?
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What words would you choose to describe your experience of the event?
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Would you recommend a friend to come to the event?
Having been to the event are you more or less likely to have a conversation about death?
Having attended the event has anything changed in your thinking or feeling about death and dying?
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What did you think worked well at the event?
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What would you like to have seen done differently at the event?
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Do you think there should more events, like this one, where we can remember those who have died and reflect on death?
Is there anything you would like to add?
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Further Information - deathfestglastonbury2018.com
If you have any further thoughts please do feed back (with pictures if you have them) to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/GlastonburyDeathandDying.
You can also write to: The Benefice Office, 3 Church Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9JQ.
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