Shambhala 2019 Press and Media Application
Esteemed press and media, thank you for your interest in coverage of our event. We look forward to working with you to share some amazing stories about Canada's Premier Electronic Music Festival. This year's event takes place on August 9-12, 2019 in Salmo, British Columbia.

Before you fill out this form, PLEASE NOTE the following:

• Photographers and videographers may only fill out this application if they are on assignment with a media outlet. If you are an independent photographer or videographer with no publication affiliation, visit to access our Photo & Video Application.
• Influencers will be considered if they can demonstrate a large, relevant following across multiple social media channels.
• The Press and Media pass does not grant you access to stages.

If you have any questions, please email


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We ask that all of our media partners share Shambhala Music Festival news prior to the event, whether it's based on info we provide or your own unique coverage. Qualifying coverage MUST be more than a post on social media. Please send us links of your coverage OR let us know what will be coming. If you write 'n/a', please explain why in the comments section below.
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We request that all attending media provide post coverage within a month of the festival. Please confirm you understand this and agree to these terms if you are given a press pass to the festival. *
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