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Sign-up to volunteer to demonstrate science at the CHaOS Winter Roadshow 2018
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How long do you want to help out for? For example, if you want to help for a day, but are available for any of 4 days, then enter '1' here, and tick the days you're available for on the signup form.
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Which dates are you available for? If you're available any day, but only want to do one, then please tick all dates you're available for and enter "1" in the number of days available for box.
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Most people won't fit in any of these categories, but please let us know if you do!
CHaOS runs training sessions for new demonstrators to allow you to have a go at demonstrating the kind of experiment you are likely to use at our events. The sessions are also be an opportunity to get answers to any questions that you might have in person.
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Any allergies, vegetarian, etc.
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Any non-confidential medical information that you think we ought to know. If there's anything that would be important in an emergency, but you'd rather wasn't widely known, then there will be an opportunity to give us a sealed envelope to be placed in the first aid box.
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It's now standard practice in the UK to apply for a DBS disclosure when working with school children. This shouldn't be any more trouble than filling in a form and presenting some documents, but do let us know if you have any questions.
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