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Youth Pass Pilot Application
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The Youth Pass Pilot is a partnership between the MBTA and the City of Boston’s Department of Youth Engagement & Employment, Chelsea Collaborative, the City of Somerville, and City of Malden to offer reduced fare Link passes to eligible 12-21 year olds. The pilot runs from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Participants can purchase a monthly pass for $26 or a 7-day pass for $7 depending on availability in their city.

Youth ages 12-18 are eligible to apply if they live in Boston, Chelsea, Malden or Somerville. Young people ages 19-21 are also eligible if they live in Boston, Chelsea, Malden or Somerville, but must ALSO be enrolled in a qualified program. 1500 participants will be randomly selected from those who fill out this application. If selected, participants will be contacted by their city with further details and instructions for enrolling in the Youth Pass Pilot.

The MBTA does not collect information from people 12 or younger. If you are (or your child is) currently 12 you have to apply in person at the participating agency in your city. Email for directions.

First Name
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Reminder 12 year olds cannot fill out this form. You must apply in person.
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We will contact you to let you know if you are selected for the pilot. Throughout the pilot, once a month, you will be contacted to answer important questions about using the T.
Do you expect to receive an M7 or M5 pass (Monthly Student T Pass) in Fall of 2015?
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