Questions for Mahesh Murthy at The #NAMA Conference
At the helm of a company that was started to change the way advertisers advertise on search, and following a career of over 20 years of marketing and communications, and over 10 years in Digital, Mahesh Murthy wears many, many hats, but more importantly, has very strong opinions backed by data and experience. Pinstorm, which he founded, remains one of the few independent digital advertising agencies around, and we're pleased to have Mahesh on board to share with us his views on the future of the digital agency, on what is driving an increase in advertising spends and how advertiser behavior is changing, what his take is mobile advertising, and how the consolidation in the digital agency business will impact the online publisher ecosystem.

Of course, there's a lot more that we can speak with him about, so do share your questions below.

The #NAMA Conference is being held on 10th October at The Westin in Gurgaon. Book your tickets at
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