Application: Zero Robotics 2018 (Australia)
All Australian schools should apply here to be involved in Zero Robotics 2018!

This form is designed to be filled out by a supervising teacher on behalf of a team of students. It will ask about yours, and the students' coding abilities and background to assess the schools suitability for the competition.

We expect teams to be able to demonstrate a background in coding (or past experience in Zero Robotics) and/or a willingness to learn BEFORE entering the competition.

Current University of Sydney engineering and information technologies students will mentor the high school students virtually, providing online resources and ongoing training throughout the year.

Additional on-campus workshops for high school students and STEM training for teachers will be offered to support teams through the Australian and international competition.

However, high school students should be prepared to learn and problem solve independently.

If your team requires additional mentoring assistance please email and we will try to assist you.

You can find more information about the competition on The University of Sydney's website, or the Zero Robotics/MIT website.
School and Teacher Contact Information
Please provide the following information about your school and lead teacher for the team.
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Be creative! Your team name doesn't have to be related to your school name and can be as whimsical as you like
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